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Terms & Conditions



Bon Bon Emporio accepts payments by credit card (through the PayWay network), Paypal or wire transfer.

For credit card payments, an invoice will be issued at the time of payment. For clients who choose to pay by wire transfer instead, the invoice will be issued on confirmation of payment.

Orders where payment has not been received within 5 days will be cancelled. Clients will be sent a payment reminder and must send a wire transfer copy to avoid their orders being cancelled while receipt of payment is still pending.

The minimum order on our website is €250.


Orders will be processed and shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

The order is confirmed as soon as we receive the payment (status “confirmed”) and our internal logistic starts immediately to prepare the goods (status “working on”). A “working on” order can be cancelled but it’s not possible to add or remove single articles. When the order is “ready” it is not possible to make any more changes to it.

Delivery options for orders with destination Italy and Intra-CEE Countries are:
A - shipping by Bon Bon Emporio's shipping partners with delivery costs calculated during checkout (delivery terms: DAP/DAT)
B - shipping by Bon Bon Emporio's shipping partners with estimate of the delivery costs provided by our customer service after the order confirmation (delivery terms: DAP/DAT)
C - goods picked-up by the client using his own courier (delivery terms: Ex-Works)

Bon Bon Emporio relies on GLS for delivery in Italy and DHL for delivery in Europe.

For orders of more that €2500 only options B and C are available.

If option B or C are selected, the client will be contacted by our customer service that will calculate the delivery costs following the client's preferences (option B) or will ask the information needed in order to schedule the pick-up (option C).

For orders with destination Extra-CEE Countries, shipping must be always managed by the client using his own courier (delivery terms: Ex-Works).


Bon Bon Emporio accepts returns within 7 days of the delivery of the order only for the following reasons:

- damaged or defective items
- wrong items

The procedure for returning merchandise is as follows:

  1. return request issued by the client
  2. request confirmed by our customer service, who generates a return code
  3. goods shipped by the client together with a copy of the email confirmation containing the return code
  4. goods received and confirmed by our logistics
  5. confirmation sent to the client by our customer service that the received goods match the return request
  6. delivery of replacement goods, or issue of an e-credit for purchase on our website, or refund and credit note issued to the client.



The dropshipping service is only available for Intra-CEE destinations, since all Extra-CEE destinations may incur charges and customs clearance costs that are not calculable in advance.